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Wayne County Magazine

Valdosta Magazine

Okefenokee Living

Appling County Living

Brooks County Living

Jeff Davis Living

Emanuel County Living

Highway 15 Travel Guide

Lopinavir ritonavir otc - Lopinavir a ritonavir

Showcase Publications is a family-owned publishing business specializing in magazines showcasing the people, places, events, and businesses of small-town communities in South Georgia. Our community magazines are used to promote local businesses, to help recruit new businesses & professionals, and for tourism marketing.

P.O. Box 391
Jesup, GA  31598


Where you shop, where you eat and have fun – all of it makes your community home. A community’s one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of each community.

When asked to name your favorite restaurant, café or shop it’s invariably a unique local business. Those businesses define our sense of place, but we often forget they’re survival depends on our patronage.

Local owners, typically having invested their life savings in their businesses, have a natural interest in the community’s long-term health. Community based businesses are essential to charitable endeavors; their owners frequently serve on local boards and support numerous causes.

Dollars spent at local merchants create a multiplier in the local economy, meaning that from each dollar spent at a local merchant, up to 3.5 times as much wealth is generated in the local economy.